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If your specific class is not listed, we are not currently recruiting, though exception applicants are always welcome :). All recruits must be 80-85, have a knowledge of game mechanics, and be familiar with encounters.
<Emerald Nightmare> is a casually harcore 10 man guild on Staghelm-US.

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Site Update

FaramonEN, Dec 16, 10 11:18 PM.

Forum Updated

I've updated the forum further, tryed to get BiS items available so see (pre raid.) I will be updating further classes and further gear as we get there. As we all reach 85 and gear up, I hope to see enough that each night we can be running heroics and such. With people being able to mix and match roles, I think this will be running smoother in the coming days.

Also never be afriad to add info to the site or forum. I will be touching up parts of potions and food soon. As the time comes, I will be linking raid bosses and (if need be) some heroic boss video guides from tankspot in the strategy guide section. It'd be all the help in the world to spend a couple minutes watching the video and familarizing yourselves.

If anyone has anything they'd like to see further on the site (and or guild) let me know.


Rank 3

FaramonEN, Dec 16, 10 11:11 PM.
We've reached Guild Lvl 3, 10% boost to flight. Well done guys. As we do more heroics, we'll be leveling up a lot faster (since they nerfed quest xp).


Guild Rank

FaramonEN, Dec 10, 10 3:23 AM.
The guild has reached Lvl 2! 5% xp baby!

PvP Update

FaramonEN, Dec 1, 10 3:54 AM.
PvP news in Guild information.

Recruiting for Cataclysm

Thurmore, Dec 1, 10 3:20 AM.
    We are currently recruiting for a core 10 man Cataclysm raid team.  We are a semi-hardcore guild with progression as our main goal, along with some rated BG's just for fun.  We are looking for skilled serious players, with a casual attitude.

     On the left, you will see what we are currently recruiting, but all are welcome to apply in case a spot opens up.  Please note that if you do not remain kind and courteous during raids or in guild chat, you will be kicked from the guild immediately, no exceptions.  In the Info section, there is an explanation of the open recruiting.  Please check it before you apply.  We hope to hear from you.

* This Open Recruitment has now Been Closed.
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